Ramin Abrahim | Featured Artist


Wander through the acrylic drip paintings of Washington, DC artist, Ramin Abrahim.

 Earthen – 30 x 30 – Acrylic on Canvas  $2,500 

Ramin Abrahim’s exhilarating oeuvre is a visual exploration of the artist’s spiritual and physical evolution. Smitten with the meditative nature of painting, Abrahim acquainted himself with abstract expressionism, embracing its vibrant mixed media style and application. A practicing physician, Abrahim’s striking, textural improvisation leads appreciators through a universe suffused with biology of substance, color, and form.  

Fish in the Pond
 Fish in the Pond – 30 x 30 – Acrylic on Canvas  $2,500Sold
Disrupted Stillness
 Disrupted Stillness – 48 x 48 – Acrylic on Canvas  $4,500
New Beginning
 A New Beginning – 60 x 48 – Acrylic on Canvas  $5,500

Artist Social Media:

Twitter: @Ramin_Abrahim

Instagram: @Raminabrahim

Facebook: Ramin Abrahim Art

Website: www.raminabrahim.com

This artwork is currently exhibited at Sager Reeves Gallery.