Kristy Deetz holds an MFA from Ohio State University and is currently a Professor of Art at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay. Her extensive exhibition record includes galleries and museums all over the world. In her debut exhibit with Sager Braudis Gallery, Deetz brings us Veil Paintings –masterful, trompe l’oeil works that balance on the line between abstraction and representation. Diptych and triptych compositions nod to Josef Albers’s “color problems,” wherein a patch of color appears on a contrasting field as a way to examine their relative or deceptive appearance. These works heavily employ the Western painting tradition of illusion, while intentional, simple arrangement of elements inclines toward color field abstraction. The trompe l’oeil technique continues into a series of paintings on silk scarves, however here the artist delves into a not-immediately-apparent representationalism, having pressed and wrinkled Renaissance imagery into fabric before using that fabric as still-life subject. To be clear: all of these works are paintings; the viewer’s desire to revisit, question, and investigate their content and meaning is all part of the artist’s intent.