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Jeremy Lepisto currently resides in Queanbeyan, Australia. He utilizes glass to "highlight the simple components and ordinary workings of everyday situations to capture the complex in the common." His forms are minimal and often contain renderings of architectural structures, landscapes and people. Upon relocating to Australia from Portland, Oregon, Lepisto found his landscape and sense of familiarity with his environment drastically altered. This change forced him to examine the distance between old horizons and new. The Crate Series are pieces that represent more than the physical form of a shipping crate; the imagery shining through the interior depicts an object or idea that is un-orderable, un-receivable, or undeliverable. These "crates" are constructed to be empty and enclosed forms that hold nothing but the depiction of the unobtainable. Each of the barrels in his Barrel Series is made so that the level, concentration and color of their interior contents are visible. The comparable visibility of the typically unseen contents of each barrel look to comment on the commodity of an unknown essence, captured over time. With it's subtle visual depth and use of distant perspective, Jeremy’s work encourages us to closely examine and pay heed to the surroundings we take for granted.

Jeremy received his BFA in Glass and Metals from Alfred University in 1997. In 2001 (in Portland, Oregon), Jeremy co-founded Studio Ramp LLC with his wife and partner Mel George. He is currently a studio artist, custom glass fabricator and candidate for a PhD in Sculpture at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, Australia. He also works part time as a Technical Officer in the Sculpture Workshop at the Australian National University.