Jack Roth was born in 1927 in Pennsylvania. His education spanned multiple disciplines, including art, mathematics, chemistry, and philosophy. He studied at the California School of Fine Arts (now SFAI) with legendary abstractionists Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still, and Richard Diebenkorn, followed by ongoing work and study in both painting and math. In 1954, Roth was included with the likes of Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning in the Younger American Painters exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum - a visionary exhibit of the best abstraction of the era. Roth can be considered a Color Field painter, but even among his peers of the mid-20th-century his style was unique, combining an energetic use of line with masterful color work, and later delving into collage and assemblage. Roth worked persistently throughout his long career to develop and refine his style, making thousands of paintings all serving as a professor of mathematics.