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Annie Helmericks


Annie Helmericks-Louder holds a BFA in painting from the University of Arizona and an MFA in fibers from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including Art Quilts Unfolding-50 Years of Innovation, Art Quilt Portfolio: The Natural World, and Quilting Arts Magazine, as well as exhibits and collections all over the country. Whether painting, drawing, sculpting, or combining fibers media, Helmericks-Louder draws on a life spent close to nature, incorporating imaginative narratives that infuse wonder into ordinary circumstances. In her debut exhibit with Sager Braudis Gallery, the artist brings impeccably crafted textiles with layers of hand-painted fabrics, manipulated vintage cottons and sari silks, machine stitching, and hand-embroidery in complex, painterly compositions.