Cats & Dogs

Our companion animals shape us. They appear in our childhood visions of future homes and our nostalgic memories of eras past. They teach us responsibility and show us the value of routines and simple joys. Time spent with one’s pet need not serve a lofty ambition or pursue something not yet attained; it is a real and undeniable form of peace. It is no surprise that among the human experiences that fascinate artists for generation after generation, cats and dogs have a consistent presence, whether in tender, painterly portraits, narrative scenes, or illustrations capturing breed characteristics and anatomy. In turn, we as viewers match the appreciation shown by artists for these animals when we take in the personalities and relationships they depict. In short, we connect with works about cats and dogs because of our very human tendency to connect with cats and dogs.

This exhibit was generously sponsored by

First State Community Bank
Amy & Kevin Meyer
Alex & Robin LaBrunerie
Molly Wagner
Yellow Dog Bookshop