2022 Masters Exhibit

Love & Other Stories

The 9th annual Masters Exhibit brings a return to representational imagery with a survey of works that speak through depictions of the world around us. Delivering emotive dynamism through color, line, and composition, the paintings, drawings, and prints of this exhibit largely and variously handle that most complicated of human emotions: love. Courtship, sex, tension, affection, intimacy, inspiration, intrigue–the virtue of art is its ability to portray such complexity, often surpassing the reach of rational, verbal description. Some pieces embody the relationship between artist and muse, others illustrate works of poetry or allegory, and yet others show scenes and interactions between subjects that lead us to imagine our way through a story told without words. Whether with an immediate impression or an elaborate narrative, the 20th century masters featured in this special exhibit, including major shapers of Surrealism, stylized figuration, neo-Fauvist painting, and Pop Art, each draw us into a respective dynamic intercourse. We join the conversation as viewers when we find meaning in these arranged and chosen images, becoming part of the story.