Daniel Marks | Featured Artist


Find your computer, smartphone, or tablet for a hashtag one-on-one with our featured artist of the week, Daniel Marks.

 Backbone Cedars – 30 x 40 – Acrylic on Canvas – $3,000

Daniel Marks is an Ames, Iowa based artist whose work draws inspiration from the 19th century Neo – Impressionists such as Vincent Van Gogh.  Marks’ canvases are equally experimental, with a vibrant and an analogous color palette. The vibrancy and dimension breathe new life into Marks’ portrayals of the classic, mundane scenery of the rural landscape.  Adhering to the style of the 20th century regionalism movement, Marks’ artwork adds the element of peculiarity into depictions of commonplace surroundings. The artist’s work plays with light and space to capture a distorted perspective. A 3D artist as well, Marks portfolio of exhibited works are enhanced with depth, creating the subtle inclusion of movement.

 East End Drugs – 40 x 30 – Acrylic on Canvas  $5,000Sold
 Sycamore – 30 x 40 – Acrylic on Canvas  $3,000Sold
Woodward Dusk – 48 x 36 – Acrylic on Canvas  $5,500

Want to know more about Daniel? Tweet your questions using the hashtag #TalkToDaniel  to @SagerBraudisArt all day until 5 pm next Tuesday, Apr. 19. Daniel will respond to user questions in our feed directly from his own twitter handle. 

Artist Social Media Information: 

Twitter: @DanielMarksArt

Facebook: Daniel Marks Art

Website: www.danielmarksart.com

This artwork is currently exhibited at Sager Reeves Gallery.