Sager Reeves Gallery Fine Art Auctions are conducted online in real time.

Each item in an auction will be listed with a high quality image, all known details such as artist, title, medium, date, edition, etc., an estimate range that spans the retail list price and/or fair market value, and a starting bid.

Here is a table of bid increments, outlining by how much each subsequent bid must outbid the previous.

Bid RangeBid Increment

Registration is not required to view lots but will be required to bid once an auction is live. We encourage everyone to preregister prior to the auction’s opening time, making bidding possible without delay. Registration requires both contact information and payment information, neither of which will be visible to anyone other than the auction administrators, and neither of which will be shared.

When the auction is live, lots will each have a prescribed end-time, staggered by 5 minutes. You may view the end time and the countdown, among other item details, by clicking “view lot” under any lot.

Once registered and while the auction is live, you may make an individual bid on any item before its countdown expires, and/or you may also enter a “proxy bid” for any item, setting your maximum and allowing the software to enter only the next incremental bid, escalating to your maximum bid only if someone outbids you. You will receive a notification each time you make a bid, each time you are outbid, and each time a lot expires while you hold the winning bid.

An “anti-sniping” feature is in force upon all lots, whereby the bidding window for a lot will increase by 2 minutes if a bidder enters a winning bid within the last 1 minute of open bidding. Each participant outbid by the last-minute bid will receive a notification via e-mail with the opportunity to bid again. 

A 20% buyer’s premium will be automatically added to the winning bid when the auction ends. You will see a calculation of the buyer’s premium on the “view lot” detail page for each item when you enter a bid. The buyer’s premium includes all relevant merchant service fees, taxes, auction operational fees, and is charged only on the winning bid upon the lot’s end-time. The buyer’s premium itself is not taxable, so the total debited will be exactly your winning bid + buyer’s premium.  

All auction payments are automatically debited to the card on file from registration, but please follow all prompts to confirm payment and finalize the sale when you win an auction lot. 

Local pick-up as well as worldwide shipping are available. We will follow up separately regarding the pick-up or shipment of items won at auction. Shipping is highly customized and cost will vary, so we’ll contact you individually to make these arrangements.

We invite potential consignment for future auction of works of art by contemporary and historic artists of note. Please direct auction consignment inquiries to subject “Auction Seller.”