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Each Monday in September, we will be announcing another artist from our upcoming Masters Exhibit and revealing one of their works that will be present in the gallery during the exhibit. The exhibit will be comprised of six artists who have greatly impacted the development of contemporary art and are collected in museums worldwide. We are pleased to announce that works from these influential artists will be viewable at Sager Reeves Gallery for the entire month of December. In addition, these works can be purchased during the December exhibit, or by private preview arranged prior to December.

La Divine Comédie: Paradise Canto 15- Extase de Dante (prestel 1120), 1960
Color wood Engraving
9.5 x 7.25

Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dalí I Domenech was born in 1904 in the small agricultural town of Figueres, Spain. From an early age, Dalí was encouraged to practice his art and would eventually go on to study at an academy in Madrid. In the 1920s, he went to Paris and began interacting with artists such as Picasso, Magritte and Miró, which led to Dalí’s first Surrealist phase. In 1931, Dalí painted one of his most famous works, ‘The Persistence of Memory’, featuring the iconic surrealistic image of a soft, melting pocket watch. His art employed a meticulous classical technique, influenced by Renaissance artists, that created a dream-like world by accessing his dreams and subconscious thoughts. An avid reader of Freud’s psychoanalytic theories, Dalí created these hallucinatory images using an approach he called the “paranoiac-critical method”. Though chiefly remembered for his paintings, in the course of his long career he successfully turned to sculpture, printmaking, fashion, advertising, writing, and, perhaps most famously, filmmaking in his collaborations with Luis Bunuel and Alfred Hitchcock. From his personal life to his artistic endeavors, Dalí ushered in a new generation of imaginative expression and is one of the most well-known artists of all time.